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Investment Casting

Investment casting, the other name is lost wax casting, including pressure wax, repair wax, group tree, moistening slurry, wax melting and pouring metal liquid and post-treatment process and so on.
Lost wax casting is to cast parts in wax models, then on the wax models which are coated with mud, it is mud model.after mud model to dry,the roasting to ceramic mold.after roasting process, wax models all run away, only ceramic mold remain. Pouring gate have designed when making mud model, pouring metal liquid frome pouring gate, after cooling, the casting parts have finished.
The shape of the investment castings usually are complex, casting hole on casting parts min diameter is 0.5mm,min wall thickness is 0.3mm. In production can be some parts which were made up by several parts, through changing the structure of the components, design become integral parts and directly by the investment casting cast out, in order to save processing time and the consumption of metal material, make the parts structure is more reasonable.